Women's Fashion Jewelry 1

Women’s Fashion Jewelry

three gold necklacesAll women have different habits and preferences when it comes to accessorizing their outfits. Some habitually buy and wear similar cuts and colors, or rotate their favorite jeans between a handful of cute go-to tops. Others carefully coordinate their outfits each day.

Whether you are just strolling downtown or headed to the office, a few accent pieces can add flair and optimize your look for the day. For this reason, it is essential to build a collection of fashion accessories that compliment your image.

Fashion Jewelry Accessories that Every Woman Should Have

As mentioned before, each woman has her own styling habits, and that holds true for jewelry. While sporting a unique look is empowering, owning a few staple pieces is beneficial to a well-rounded collection of accessories. In this article, we’ll explore those fashion essentials.

• Earrings

While classically elegant, diamond necklaces aren’t nearly as integral to your wardrobe as a tasteful set of diamond earrings.  They’ll easily shine a spotlight on you in a variety of settings, from business meetings to weekend outings, a simple family event, or that special date.

Diamond earrings are a classic, but they’re certainly not an everyday must-have. Pearls are a great and versatile alternative. They can add some diversity to your wardrobe with a flare of simple elegance.

• Necklaces

Speaking of pearls, they’re a great option as a necklace for both casual or formal attire. Pearls are the ideal accessory for that little black dress, yet equally flattering with a nice top and a pair of jeans. You can’t go wrong with pearls for a graduation,  anniversary dinner, or  a job interview.

In addition to pearls, owning both a pendant necklace and a longer piece can help round out your accessory options. A simple thin chain with a lovely pendant is subtle yet eye-catching. On the other hand, a longer necklace will effectively complement simple tops and high necklines.

• Watches

Offering both form and function, a nice watch embodies the basic must-have accoutrement.  No need to seek an over-the-top timepiece;  a classic leather or gold band with a metal face will polish you off quite nicely. However, if touting your personal taste is a priority, watches are great for sporting a fun and artful accessory.

• Bracelets and Rings

Simple yet stylish bracelets can to take your style statement to the next level. One or two pieces that reflect your taste can perfectly accent a well-chosen outfit. Besides bracelets, a few tasteful rings can boldly top off your look.

No matter your preferences for accessorizing, your comfort is always paramount. Always be sure your choices are not only comfortable to wear, but that they also compliment your sense of self-expression.

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