Women’s Aviator Sunglasses

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All women want to look and feel beautiful in a crowd, and a variety of accessories are available to optimize a woman’s image. This includes the use of sunglasses, as they provide protection while accenting a woman’s sense of style.

With so many brands of sunglasses on the market, it’s essential to choose a pair that complements your taste, personality, and eye care needs. This article explores the many options available within the genre of aviator-style sunglasses.

UV protection technology 

We all know the sun’s UV rays are hazardous for your eyes. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause damage, eventually resulting in issues like snow blindness, cataracts and more. Effective lenses are critical in avoiding these preventable conditions, and responsible brands will ensure that their sunglasses are made with high-quality UV protection technology. Most sunglasses on today’s market offer UV protection, but careful consumers will bear in mind that not all products are created equal.

Material used

The main factor in discerning a product’s quality is the material used in the design process. Many sunglasses are made from plastic, including the lenses, but the type of plastic determines the lenses’ durability. Stronger plastics are less likely to shatter, break, or injure your eyes during during high-activity outdoor events.  Polycarbonate is a top contender, often used for both frames and lenses. CR-39, another top-grade plastic material, is frequently used for lenses due to shatter-resistant quality. When seeking reliable lenses, these materials are tried and true.   


Fit and comfort also play a crucial role in a woman’s choice of eyewear. Finding the right fit for one’s face will optimize the blockage of harmful sun rays. As many outdoor activities include a lot of movement, such as boating and sand sports, it’s important to ensure the frames you choose will comfortably stay put as you enjoy your day.


A woman doesn’t merely want a pair of shades designed to stay put; they should also reflect her sense of style, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. A good fit is great, but be sure you pick a pair that compliments your features. Bear in mind that customizing the shape and color of your sunglasses is always a great option.


Finally, the tint of one’s lenses impacts both the aesthetic of the accessory and the way they filter sunlight. Brown and amber lenses combat glare and decrease blue light, while gray-tinted lenses dial down brightness without creating a color distortion. On the other hand, gradient lenses are darker at the top, fading to a lighter tint toward the bottom. Much like a tinted windshield, colored lenses protect your eyes from direct sunlight.

These tips should simplify the process of choosing a pair of women’s aviator-style sunglasses that suits you best. Be sure you select a pair that makes you feel great about your eye care, and check out Belka’s other articles about top sunglasses brands.

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